How to be Thrifty Even if you are a Gadget Freak

Nowadays, technology develops very fast to such a degree that the technologically-superior gadgets and equipments that we have right now are going to be obsolete within the next 3 years. Take for instance mobile phones. Just a decade ago, mobile phone companies were trying to do their best to crunch their system into a smaller package. Several years later, it was all about how much megapixel they can squeeze into the phone’s camera. Just a few years ago, it was all about how big the touchscreen can get and how much resolution they can jam into it based on today’s technology. Simply put, technology keeps on advancing every day.
The advancements of technology mean newer electronics, gadgets, and equipments are born along with certain upgrades for recent devices. However, this continuously changing technology has made many people addicted to it. In fact, nearly every person who is familiar with it wants to have the best and the latest. This is simply because it has been ingrained in our minds that newer technology is better. I myself cannot deny that I am addicted to it, and if I only I had the financial means, I will purchase everything I fancy. Sad to say, cutting-edge technology is far within my budget as well as with many gadget freaks out there, which is why it can be disheartening to learn about a newly-released technology that is beyond your financial means. In fact, there are ways you can obtain many of today’s gadgets as long as you become wise with your finances.

Address Your Needs

As a techie and a gadget freak, you need to ask yourself if an upgrade is really necessary. A good way of assessing if you need an upgrade is if your current gadget or equipment has broken down or have fallen way behind technology. Another way of assessing is if it fits your usage. For example, do I really need a new PC with an i7 Extreme with 2 Radeon HD 6870 in CrossFire mode, when all I ever use my computer for is surf the net and create documents and spreadsheets? Certainly not.

Sell Old to Buy New

When we know we are about to upgrade, we can’t really wait to get our hands on our new toy. However, if you are to wise-up with your finances, it is best to wait until you sell your old one first. Anyways, it doesn’t take too much time acquiring a new one once you have sold your old one.
Manufacturer-Refurbished Items are Good

Refurbished products from well-known electronics and gadget companies sell reputable refurbished products that are complete with warranties. In fact, according to Wikipedia’s definition of refurbished, they are products that cannot be sold as new, even if they are as good as new. They may have scratches, dents or other forms of cosmetic damage, but this does not affect the overall performance of the unit.

Buy a Generation Older

Although this may not be the latest craze in town, buying a unit that is only a generation older will make great savings, yet will still be far from obsolete. Besides, the latest tech will be overcastted by a newer one in roughly six months time.

Buy from a Serial Upgrader

If you know someone who upgrades every time there is a new model launched, make sure to take advantage of this as they are usually willing to give you a better deal over their current unit.

The truth is, the advances in technology is not about to slow down any time soon and we will see newer models and generations to come. If you are a gadget freak but wants to be wise about money, then it is important that you set a time frame for yourself before making any upgrades. A good example would be taking three years before upgrading computers and TVs, and 2 years before upgrading mobile phones. It is wise to consider that there will always be newer models around and upgrading every so often will not necessarily make you better.

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