Motorola MC2100 Series Mobile Computers for Business

Motorola Solutions announced its new MC2100 series mobile computer to address the need for a smaller, rugged mobile computer, expanding the range of solutions available for both large enterprises and small- and medium-sized businesses. With a lightweight and ergonomic design, the MC2100 is ideal for inventory management, stock replenishment, price marking, and shelf labeling. The device is optimized for on-hand use with sculpted finger perch on the back to users a secure hold.

The MC2100 Series is powered by Marvell PXZ320 624MHz CPU with 128MB RAM and 256MB of ROM. It runs Microsoft Embedded CE 6.0 operating system. The mobile computer features a 2.8-inch QVGA LCD display with optional resistive touch panel, 27-key numeric keypad, microSD/SDHC card slot, LED and audible alert for notification. Some model will include resistive touch panel, two programmable side buttons, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, built-in speaker and microphone as well as 1D linear imager, 1D laser, 1D/2D area imager. The MC2100 is compatible with Motorola’s RhoElements, making it is the first value-priced rugged mobile computer to support HTML5.
The Motorola MC2100 Series comes with a drop and tumble rating and IP54 sealing and a Corning Gorilla Glass exit window. It comes with 2400 mAh rechargeable Smart Li-Ion battery.
MC2180 WLAN/Bluetooth models:
  • WLAN/Bluetooth with 2D Imager
  • WLAN/Bluetooth with 1D Laser
  • WLAN/Bluetooth with Linear Imager
MC2100 Batch Mode models:
  • Batch with 1D Laser
  • Batch with Linear Imager
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