PhoneFactor Introduces Smarter Authentication App for iOS

We have time and again discussed the issue of iPhone security; and the latest iPhone app that promises uncompromising security complete with an ‘authentication’ option is the PhoneFactor App. Available now as an app for Apple’s iPhone and iPad, PhoneFactor is basically an authentication system that uses mobile phones as a second factor for improved security to any existing corporate or website login.

PhoneFactor has been a trusted partner in offering secured transactions to users, logging in to an enterprise application or when performing an online transaction on a PC. PhoneFactor ensures authentication of your requests only when they respond to a prompt sent to your mobile phone.

Until now, the authentication system has already been available with voice calls or text messages for the prompt; it has now been introduced as a version for iOS 4 and iOS 5 – reaching out to millions of Apple users around the globe.

Why PhoneFactor App for your iPhone?

Designed to substitute the conventional two-factor authentication system, such as the SecurID hardware tokens sold by RSA. PhoneFactor will allow the display of one-time passwords for users to enter on the PC. This makes PhoneFactor less expensive, easy to deploy and also less manageable considering the fact that people can use just their iPhone instead of a dedicated device.

How it works

You can very easily configure PhoneFactor App on your iPhone by following a few simple steps or watch the demo video share below:

Step 1:
Enter your username and password.

Step 2:
PhoneFactor instantly pushes a notification to the PhoneFactor app on your smartphone. Simply tap “Authenticate” in the app to log in.

So, whenever you (user) enter your password to make an online transaction on your PC, the PhoneFactor app causes a notification box to pop up on your iPhone for authentication. All you require to do then is ‘tap’ on an authentication button in that box to complete the log-in process.

The system ensures a minimum of two factors indispensable for user authentication – the user name and password requested on the PC; and the user’s phone with the working app. However, an administrator can even opt for an additional layer of security, by making the user type a PIN (personal identification number) into the notification box before ‘tapping’ the authentication button.

Are you worried as to what happens when anyone else tries to barge into your secured system?

Well, in case an unauthorized user makes an attempt to complete a login on your PC; the iOS app can immediately notify the legitimate user (you) and the IT department. Further actions can be taken accordingly to deal with the perpetrator and ensure the security of the user’s account.

It’s Free App for iPhone!

While the much in-demand PhoneFactor software license typically costs enterprises between USD10 and USD25 per user/year. The iOS version of PhoneFactor is available for FREE.

How do you think this app can help enrich your iPhone security? We’d love to hear from you.

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