SilverStone FT02 Limited Edition ATX Tower

Recently we had a unit of the beastly SilverStone FT02 ATX Tower Case passing by our way and we’re so impressed with this piece of mean machine that we decided that it won’t go unnoticed in techBLOG.

No, we are not paid to blog about this product, we just thought that it deserves every right to be a techBLOG highlight.

This limited edition is a red colour variant of the standard FT02 that comes in both silver and black brush metal finishing. It was being removed from its box for QC inspection before it en-routes to a techSTORE customer outside Malaysia.

The FT02 created lots of “ooos” and “aaas” and we knew we had to take a few photoshots of this beauty before it finally leaves our premises for good. We were told that SilverStone only manufactured 100 units of the limited edition FT02 and today, the star of this blog post is probably the last one to leave the shelves from Malaysian shores.

It is sad that SilverStone will not be producing FT02 limited editions anymore although the standard variant is still widely available for sale at techSTORE.

The FT02 is a unified construction of SilverStone’s Temjin TJ07 and the 90 degrees Raven RV01. It combines excellent body work rigidity with unmatched cooling layout found in earlier versions of Raven chassis.

This is the ultimate ATX chassis for both the professional and gaming enthusiast alike; it fits in perfectly in any high end requirements of a sturdy workstation or gaming console, delivering maximum performance with minimum noise and chassis vibration.

A quick glance at SilverStone’s website summarising the FT02 as follows:-

- Revolutionary 90 degree motherboard mounting from RAVEN RV01
- Innovative 4.5mm aluminum unibody frame from Temjin TJ07
- Three 180mm fans for unprecedented positive pressure and stack effect cooling
- Supports liquid cooling radiator mounting
- Motherboard back plate opening behind CPU area for quick cooler assembly
- Supports 11” wide ATX motherboard
- Foam padded interior for advanced noise absorption

If you are still one of those PC people, this is one product that should not go out from your sight. The SilverStone FT02 is worthy of your every attention. Costing close to RM1,000.00 each, the FT02 is certainly ain’t designed for the faint-hearted.

Red has never been so majestic and SilverStone simply delivers the colour in full splendour with its limited edition of FT02 chassis.

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