Sony XDP-PK1000 and XDP-MU110 Digital Link Sound Systems

ony introduces two new Digital Link Sound Systems, the XDP-PK1000 and XDP-MU110, designed to enhance the audio quality of factory head units. The former is an all-in-one package to optimize sound staging, and the XDP-MU110 model is a condensed version which integrates with existing or other subwoofers and amplifiers.

The Sony XDP-PK1000 system consists of five units: Cradle for iPhone, card remote, Digital Sound Processor Master Unit, 12 inch box subwoofer, and Class D Mono Block Amplifier. The built-in DSP processing creates a balanced front stage and improves sound quality on a pre-installed original car audio system. The system enhances iPod Touch or iPhone playback by digitally connecting and fully processing in the digital domain for optimized sound performance. The PK1000 increases bass response with 300 watt Class D amp that converts about 90% of incoming power into output to the speakers, and the 12-inch subwoofer with Sony’s Dimpled Woofer Cone.

While the XDP-PK1000 is an all-in-one solution, the XDP-MU110 is for music lovers who already have an amplifier and subwoofer or want to install a different audio system. The system includes Cradle for iPhone, Digital Sound Processor Master Unit and card remote. It has internal 45W x 4 high power amplifier for speakers and the 2 Volt Front, Rear and Sub RCA pre-amp outputs for external amplifer.

The Sony XDP-PK1000 will be available in September for $799 and the XDP-MU110 in November for $399.

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