Ask Samsung Release Time Galaxy S5 in South Korea

A re- circulating rumors related to the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 . According to latest information , the Samsung will release its newest flagship smartphone is faster than the previous schedule in South Korea .

Decisions faster release of the Galaxy S5 in South Korea is triggered by the imposition of ban on the sale of smartphones in South Korea to three major operators in South Korea . The prohibition of the sale of smartphones that the South Korean government enacted the three major operators intersect with the global release plan so that it could be the Galaxy S5 Samsung Galaxy S5 will be released in South Korea two weeks after the global release on 11 April.

To avoid less good effect because of the delay the release of the Galaxy S5 in South Korea , Samsung according to news from the inside are trying to apply for the release of the Galaxy S5 time before the 5th of April , when the ban on the sale of smartphones override SK Telecom , one of the largest mobile operator in Korea south .

Meanwhile other sources mention that the release time of filing the plan Galaxy S5 will also affect the global release date . Rumored that the proposed release date to 27 March as in Malaysia , but the plan was likely constrained by the existing stock of Galaxy S5 at the moment which is not expected to be able to meet consumer demand .

Another problem that arises is related to the production of camera lenses on the Galaxy S5 . The new Samsung is expected to produce 4-5 million units when it launched the Galaxy S5 , lower than the target of 7 million units are planned as a result of the problem .

Until now , the Samsung itself has not provided more information related to the imposition of a ban on the sale of smartphones by the government to the three operators . The third operator has just sentenced a ban on selling smartphones for several weeks by the South Korean government as a result of having been illegally subsidizing smartphone sales exceeded 270 thousand Won limits set regulator . Prohibition of smartphone sales is applicable for all types of handsets are provided by three operators involved , namely SK Telecom , Korea Telecom and LG U + .

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