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Advan Vandroid S5E a smartphone made by a leading electronics manufacturer from Indonesia namely Advan. Smartphone has announced the big screen and released in the same month ie October 2013. He was in the category of lower middle class with dross quite affordable prices. With an affordable price of course features offered will not be excessive. It comes standard with a capacitive touch screen measuring 5 inches, with a kitchen runway dual core or dual core processor speed of 1.3 GHz artificial MediaTek has mediocre performance. Then for the photography side, he has a mediocre camera is powered 5mp camera, also with a front camera that can be used for video chat with skype app. For more details, please refer to the review of the phone to review information overload Advan Vandroid S5E according to the features or specs it offers below:

This phone brings GSM network that supports 3G HSDPA allowing fast internet access in areas that support 3G. But also still supports GPRS and EDGE for those in areas not covered 3G

Provides two GSM SIM slots that can be activated simultaneously, otherwise known as DUAL GSM features
Having that extra screen size is 5 inches wide, with a roomy screen that users can navigate more freely in the on-screen menu navigation

Provides a storage capacity of 4 GB mediocre , certainly not a full 4 GB , because clipped to the operating system and applications builtProvided an external storage slot micro SD type , with the storage on Advan Vandroid S5E can be increased up to 32 GBHas adopted the latest operating system Android 4.2 Jelly Bean version that can install many applications in playstoreCarrying the kitchen runway is moderately Dual Core with 1.3 Ghz speed of MediTek is MT6572 , with support MALI GPU - 400P so graphics performance is quite goodFor photography features also included in the category of moderately ie with a powerful 5 MP rear camera , equipped with flash , and HD video recordingThe presence of a front camera that is able to do video chat with skype appThe presence of a wifi hotspot feature that can be used to access the internet via wifi and share the internet connection with other devices that have wifi .The existence of the bluetooth feature of version 4 is capable of data transfer at close range faster with lower power consumptionThe existence of the GPS feature which supports A - GPS so users can know the exact location to the point when navigating or mappingThe presence of additional features FM radio as entertainment for the user when bored with the collection again in the mobile storageEquipped with analog TV feature so that users can play live TV anywhere as long as there is a TV station signals 

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