Lenovo Vibe Z K910 - Specifications

DesignLenovo 's flagship smartphone and before Vibe Z is K900 . It should be recognized , K900 looks cool designs with elegant metallic bandage , but unfortunately less comfortably in the palm of his hand because without the box-shaped grooves . Drastically different from the design of its successor this time . Lenovo K910 Z Vibe mix design with glossy plastic material and kontor rounded corners . Although not impressed as Premium K900 but feeling comfortable in your hand alone would be a plus for users who like dynamic design handset .
Lenovo Vibe Z in the category thanks phablet landscape screen measuring 5.5 inches . The screen is a good color reproduction and sharp thanks to FullHD resolution full HD resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels ( 441 ppi ) . IPS panel technology it has also a role to produce a wide viewing angle is not the best though . When read in sunlight conditions the screen is quite disappointing . Although the brightness is set high , still less appropriate screen performance . Beyond that , the glass screen is coated with Gorilla Glass making it safe from scratches 3 whatever . Still on the front , in addition to any display we can see there is a row of functions including a front camera , proximity sensor , and earpiece . Meanwhile , at the bottom of the screen Vibe Z has capacitive touch buttons on the bezel .
For premium class of the Vibe line , Lenovo is deliberately creating a smartphone with unibody design . Back cover can not be opened , so that the battery can not be removed even pairs well . A micro SIM card slot is on the right phablet . Opening through the SIM card ejector . Unfortunately posture slim Vibe Z had to cut a micro SD slot so that users can only take advantage of native memory to store all the files .
At the top of the body , inhabited by the power / lock and 3.5mm audio jack , while on the bottom is only filled by a micro USB port . Audio control buttons neatly arranged on the left side .

Note :Minus a microSD slot that does not mean unlimited power storage applications . Lenovo reasoned this opportunity to encourage users to take their cloud-based services .
featuresMore expensive and more prestigious than the Vibe X , but the quality of the dual - camera at Vibe Z is still the same. At the back there 13Mpix camera , while the front panel is the lens in 5Mpix . This makes it attractive for the camera department has been equipped with various features to optimize lens shots phablet , among others, autofocus , LED flash , beautify , face detection .
Again like Vibe X , phablet has a wide-angle coverage as wide as 84 degrees . Fun , this camera can be used to photograph selfie easily . If you are not meticulous attention to every setting in this phablet , may be missed . All of the settings in phablet so interesting to try one by one you need to produce brilliant photo accordance dream .
Moving on to the software side , Vibe Z running the operating system Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is covered with a new interface from Lenovo that is unique compared to other Android skins , which negates the App drawer . All the icons and the folder that contains the application is displayed on the homescreen , similar to the interface on the iPhone operating system iOS . Impact, the Vibe Z homescreen packed with Icon and widgets .
Lenovo also pinned series doit application Apps on Vibe Z , ie Shareit , SecureIt , SYNCit , SnapIt , and Seeit . ShareIt is a file transfer application and content between fellow smartphones Lenovo , while SecureIt and SYNCit each is a security application that runs in the background and cloud backup applications . SnapIt and handling functionality Seeit camera , gallery , and image editing .
Applications and more features that make user default linger among other Z Vibe accessing music and video player , FM radio , document viewer .
performanceAsked as the current flagship handset , Lenovo Vibe Z appear convincing with harware technology capable. Phablet 5.5 inch Quad - core embedded processor 2.2 GHz Krait 400 with matching 800 Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset , 2GB of RAM , and Adreno 330 graphics processor that is tergahar in its class . Like a smartphone that has been equipped with a similar combination , the performance takes place without constraint Z Vibe .
Lenovo Vibe Z load capacity of up to 16GB of internal memory . In fact it means , only available empty space just after the crammed charge 12GB Android OS 4.3 Jelly Bean and a variety of preinstalled applications . In the absence of expandable microSD slot , 12GB remaining capacity will be very little if you are fond of recording 1080p video , 13MP snapped photos , download some songs and games FullHD .
Sustain the performance of the CPU and GPU is very powerful , of course, require enormous power . Mah battery with a capacity of 3000 , is claimed to be able to survive for 33 hours in an active state . As for the idle state can last up to 648 hours .

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