Museekr Aplication Review

What kind of game is more fun for music lovers mania ? Of course, games that sharpen their musical knowledge . Museekr ( Music Seeker ) is an application worth trying to expel fatigue music lovers and spend their spare time , of course, in addition to listening to music .

Game guess this song is made ​​by children in the country , under the auspices of softwarehouse Virtus System . Available for both Android and iOS platform cross platform which can be downloaded for free , by offering in- app purchases .

How to play this game is easy, first of all users are offered to sign up using Facebook logins or by email . After successful login it will be available three main features , namely Quiz , Sing , and Pin Your Music .

Quiz , as the name implies this is a major feature of Museekr . You can guess the song contest scores with your Facebook friends who also play this game , or find new friends through random selection . Players can determine what category of music to be played . There is also a hint and a booster if need help using coins purchased . Coins exhausted ? Quiet you can buy it through the in- app purchase .

To further demonstrate musical taste , you can use the Pin Your Music . Players can search for your favorite songs from a collection of old 60s to the most present ( including from local musicians ) to pin to the board on the selection of songs . In addition to listening to a song , the player can also buy it through the link provided .

Although currently only available for Android and iOS devices , but the development team is making a version of the Facebook platform is also to be released in the near future . So Teknokerz ready to complain knowledge of songs and sing?

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