BlackBerry Curve 9220 Davis Spasifikation and Fitur

BlackBerry Curve 9220 Davis  has 1 sett a full qwerty keyboard that looks a little wider than the Gemini, can be used as well as the interest of fast comfortable typing.

On the left side there is a microUSB port and the mobile phone a special key fuel. On the right side there hp volume up, volume down and a small key role to play / pause. FM radio is one feature that is implanted between the BlackBerry Curve 9220. Yet exist in the first BlackBerry device that is equipped with FM radio.

The ability of the BlackBerry Curve 9220 has been put on the OS 7. 1, features the browser has the same force with BlackBerry OS 7 device browser to another. When compared to the Gemini, the browser gained significant additions in terms of appearance, performance and speed. As well because there is no support 3G connectivity also this smartphone has a battery life that is really nice.

[by googletranlate]

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