Blackberry Z3 Specifically to Jakarta People

Blackberry / BB will release its newest product , amid the declining popularity of BB after BB traffic carried on the android platform .

Vendors are still trying to raise the prestige of its products , and this time using a unique name to the product called Blackberry Z3 Jakarta . How to use the name of Jakarta ?

1.2GHz dual-core Smartphone is equipped graphics processor Adreno 305 processor and RAM 1.5GB her very attractive , but it is uncertain as to what the quality of design , screen and camera are complete . To be sure Blackberry will make these gadgets as smartphones lower level and very cheap price which will in tawarkannya , could be the price range of under 2 million only .

Then is the term used Blackberry Jakarta also to increase sales ? Blackberry ever so popular in Indonesia and Indonesia to be one of the State in which the sale blackberry very bagus.Mungkin because Indonesia has many cheap android gadget that can run applications in fuel , now it looks like this vendor invites people of Indonesia to commemorate the triumph of BB back . But it looks like BB has struggled to provide the design , look and features no less with android gadgets .

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