How to Conserve Battery Android

One thing that is synonymous with the Android -based devices are wasteful batteries . No wonder that now a lot of articles on the internet that discuss how to save battery life on Android devices . Various tips or the way of them ranging from turning off the Internet connection , using a special application battery saver and so on . Actually there is a unique way to save battery is still relatively unknown by the majority of users of Android devices .
Unfortunately , this unique method can only be applied to Android devices that have been supported by the screen with AMOLED technology . So , for the Android devices with TFT or LCD screens have not been able to use any of this unique way . Before discussing unique ways to save battery Android , it's good to know in advance the difference between an LCD screen with AMOLED technology . The technology used in LCD screens are usually applied on the computer monitor and television . Main ingredients of the LCD is crystalline in nature not capable of emitting light . The LCD screen is basically just doing light transmission was sent from the source of light in the back .
In other words , if the LCD screen display black then it's actually a black color emitted by the light source in it . In addition , the LCD screen is famous wasteful power or energy that will quickly drain the battery when used on a mobile device . AMOLED screen technology was first used by the output Galaxy smartphone series namely the Korean manufacturer Samsung . Unlike the LCD , AMOLED screen has the ability to emit cahaya.Ketika emit black AMOLED screen , then the black color is derived from the AMOLED screen and instead of a light source behind it .
AMOLED screen is able to save power or energy on mobile devices because basically emits light per pixel and does not emit light of all the pixels on the screen . From the explanation above , it can be a simple conclusion that screen with AMOLED technology can save battery when using black or dark colored wallpaper . The experimental results show that the use of black wallpapers will be able to save about 6 % per hour by adjusting the brightness or the screen brightness by 20 % . If the level is set at full brightness , it can save energy up to 8 % per hour .
The way it was not true for Android devices that uses the LCD screen . The only way that can be applied to the device with an LCD screen is to use the Battery Saver Mode . In addition , the use of black text on a wide range of applications is another unique way to save battery life on Android devices . If this method is considered dubious , so it's good to experiment yourself first.
How to fully charge the battery to 100 % then attach wallpaper with bright colors and sets the display to remain lit. Then let the screen on Android devices to continue on until the battery is running low , or about 20-30 % remaining . Then check in the Settings menu and Battery Usage what percentage of battery consumption which has been used by the display . Repeat the first step , but this time with papering black or dark colored . With this experiment can be seen the difference on battery power consumption when using brightly colored wallpaper with a black wallpaper . Another effective way to save power is to set the Timeout Setting and activating Battery Saving Mode that is usually already available on all Android devices .

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