How to Take Care of Touch Screen

The existence of aliases touchscreen touch screen could be said has been pervasive in a variety of gadgets , and now the touch screen has become one of the important components in a feature phone , smartphone or tablet . When the touch screen initially impressed fragile and easily damaged , past the top vendors to complement gadgetnya touch screen with scratch-resistant coating technology , such as Corning Gorilla Glass . But apart from that , there are some things that quite principled in treating a touch screen gadget .To be durable and display your gadget always perform well , then you need to find the right treatment at the touchscreen . Here are tips to watch:1 . Keep away from sunlightAlthough the development of existing touch screen with AMOLED technology is adaptive for outdoor conditions . But to maintain the durability of the screen , you should avoid your gadget from exposure to direct sunlight . Because it can damage the quality of the LCD screen .2 . Voltage UnstableVoltage is not stable , especially during the charging process clearly has a negative impact on electronic devices , so even with the gadget . When the voltage gradually electrical voltage is unstable , it will damage the quality of the LCD .3 . Do not Saving Gadgets in Pockets PantsFor those of you who have not completed the touch screen gadget with a scratch-resistant coating , so avoid storing gadgets in his pockets, as this can cause the LCD screen will be scratched and damaged quickly .4 . Use Anti- Scratch coating ( Screen Guard )Screen guard is more popular as an accessory element , but its role is quite important to maintain the durability of the screen from scratches and the threat of exposure to sunlight. Screen guard now there are four types available in the market5 . Use Finger With BothWhen operating the gadget should you use a finger , unless your smart device that is equipped with a stylus pen . Do not use nails or other sharp materials because it can damage the screen , just use the tip of a finger with reasonable pressure .6 . Keep out of the Goods Containing MagnetsKeep your gadgets from a variety of objects that contain magnets such as television or radio . Radiation of magnets will make your smart device screen becomes insensitive again . So , avoid putting smartphones , tablets and smart devices at near devices that contain magnets.

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