Nokia 105 Spesification and Review

Nokia 105
as Nokia series that begins with the code 1xx , Nokia 105 series reflects a modest extra gadgets , the article on this phone is essentially just brings features to communicate a basic , no frills internet connection .

The Nokia 105 is designed with candybar design ( monoblock ) which is already very typical Finnish vendor . Although not staying as outdoor mobile phone , but the Nokia 105 is designed with a powerful resistance to the danger of dust particles and splashing water into vital component , is realized with the keypad design of a solid plastic material , there is no gap in the digital keypad . For a simple alphanumeric keypad uses the concept .

Nokia 105 landscape display 1.4 inches with a resolution of only 128x128 pixels . Mobile is offered with a choice of black and blue , made ​​of PVC-free materials and free of nickel on the surface (body ) . As mentioned above , the mainstay of the connection in the Nokia 105 pure 2G level , which is only for voice and SMS . Another feature that is quite useful is supporting digital clock , converter , and an alarm .

Nokia 105 is targeted for the novice user segments in China , India , Indonesia , and Nigeria . And support the mission of education and health world , there are applications in mobile phones Nokia Life that contains the menu and life skills lear english , where to base the connection using SMS .

From the test results , the Nokia 105 performed quite well , there is no obstacle in the use of features and amenities . And for this matter is that Nokia promotes endurance Nokia 105 could achieve a standby time of 35 days and talk time of 12.5 hours . To support energy efficiency increase , the Nokia 105 has been equipped with a reminder when the battery has finished charging .

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