Nokia X Review

Nokia officially introduced its first smart phone based on the Android operating system , the Nokia X , for the Indonesian market . Nokia X is one of a series of new Nokia smartphones that can run AndroidTM applications , combined with the typical Nokia features and services of Microsoft . Nokia X series phones using the Android operating system base 4.1.2 ( Jelly Bean ) which has been modified by Nokia .

In developing Android , Nokia only utilize licensed Android Open Source Project ( AOSP ) from Google that can be used by anyone free of charge because the operating system is open ( open source ) . With this Nokia can change the look of the Android interface in Nokia X so it looks like the look of Windows Phone with the feel of " Tiles " boxes like Lumia series . To download Nokia X Android via Google Play Store , but through the Nokia Store . Aside from the Nokia Store , users can also get the Android application for the Nokia X from other sources such as Yandex , Aptoide , Mobango and sideload .

Nokia also did not buy a license Google Mobile services so Nokia X does not provide the application and by default Google services , namely Gmail , Youtube , Google Maps , Hangouts , Play Store , to the Google+ social network . In addition , there is provided a unique service such as HERE Nokia Maps online and offline , as well as navigation turn - by-turn from HERE gratis1 Drive and Nokia MixRadio for streaming and downloading music playlist . Nokia X also provide popular services from Microsoft , including free cloud services using OneDrive . Especially for users of the Nokia X , Nokia offers access for one month free calls using Skype and free 10GB storage memory using OneDrive .

BlackBerry Messenger ( BBM ) , one of the instant messaging application popular in Indonesia also available directly ( pre-loaded ) in Nokia X. In addition to fuel , various famous AndroidTM applications such as Facebook , Twitter , LINE and WeChat are already available directly ( pre-loaded ) , can also be accessed by users of the Nokia X. variety of popular applications such as Instagram , Path , WhatsApp , Temple Run , Subway Surfer , Hay Day , Candy Crush and Clash of Clans , can be downloaded via the Nokia store and third-party app stores .

Nokia X actually intended to lower middle market segment . Kitchen spur mobile phone is supported by the Qualcomm MSM8225 Snapdragon S4 dual - core types Play Cortex - A5 1 GHz , 512 MB RAM capacity , 4 GB of internal memory , a 4-inch screen resolution of 800 x 480 pixels , a 3 MP camera , dual SIM card support ( GSM ) , and a 1,500 mAh battery wear . " Nokia continues to create innovations in order to meet the needs of more users , but still provide kenunikan its own that makes it different . Nokia X is the best combination of the third world which allows users to have access to a variety of your favorite applications and provide new experiences at affordable prices , "said William Hamilton - Whyte , President Director , Nokia Indonesia.

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