Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom is Tempting

Samsung wishes to spawn another variant of the Galaxy S5 will soon be realized in the near future. Galaxy S5 Photo Zoom cameras that rely buck leaked on the internet.

In accordance with its market share, Galaxy S5 Zoom is indeed a successor of the Galaxy S4 Zoom camera which also offers a sensor that is much larger than the usual S4.

Quoted from Android Authority, Thursday (24/04/2014), the form of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom This is not much different from its predecessor. Such as the combination of camera phones.

The body is like the Galaxy S5, but included additional lens camera that is capable of arresting the picture even further.

Galaxy S5 Zoom likely to be pinned 20.2 MP camera with 10x optical zoom capability and technology OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). Meanwhile, to help capture images while low light, Samsung's complete with a xenon flash.

Questioning jeroannya, mentioned Galaxy S5 has a 4.8-inch landscape display of HD resolution (1280x720 pixels), octa-core Exynos processor recent 5, and 2 GB of RAM. In addition, the Galaxy S5 Zoom feature also offered NFC and LTE cellular support.

Samsung itself, will invite a number of journalists on 29 April 2014 at the Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore. It's not explicitly spelled out that it was the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom which was widely touted.

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