Sony Xperia Z Ultra Specification and Features

Sony Xperia Z Ultra has a screen of 6.44 inches that are the hallmarks of this phone . Features of Xperia Z ultra is also not much different from the Sony Xperia Z1 . Xperia Z Ultra can record and take pictures at a depth of 1 meter and survive for 30 minutes . However , specifications and price of Sony Xperia Z Ultra dalah striking in terms of the camera .

20.7 MP camera which is a prime feature of the Xperia Z1 . Z ultra Xperia also has an 8 MP camera only , but the resulting picture is very nice and only slightly Z1 .

Features of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra is actually the continuation of a technology that has the Sony Xperia Z1 flagship feature Gorilla Glass . The shape of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra is almost as denganSony Xperia Z1.Namun , front screen is very striking difference here . Xperia Z1 has a 5-inch screen , and Xperia Z Ultra has a screen of 6 , 44 -inch screen can be said that mobile phones with super relieved . However , if the person looking at the specs and the price of the Sony Xperia Z ultra , then people will assume Xperia Z Ultra has more luxury features than the Xperia Z1 , but the differences are becoming kameralah comparison of both of these phones .

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